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What is Lampe Berger? February 22 2014, 9 Comments

Straight from Paris, with an exclusive patented burner, Lampe Berger removes odors, purifies the air, and fragrances your rooms---all the while looking beautiful in a decorative style of your choice. 

Developed over a century ago by Monsieur Maurice Berger, a pharmaceutical chemist, the lampe's secret is a patented catalytic burner that destroys odors and airborne bacteria at the molecular level. Using a specially formulated fragrance, the lampe successfully removes a whole range of odors.  Cigarette smoke, cooking odors, pet odors, paint fumes, and many other forms of household pollution are quickly eliminated.  68% of airborne bacteria is gone before the fragrance is even dispersed!

Is it easy to use?

For initial use, add fragrance, insert the wick/burner, and allow it to soak for 20 minutes. Light the burner for 2 minutes and then extinguish.  Unpleasant odors are now gone and your rooms are lightly scented with your chosen fragrance.  For those who prefer no fragrance, a Neutral selection is also available!


The original Lampe Bergers were small glass pieces created for French hospitals in 1898.  They were originated to sanitize the air and released no fragrance.  Hand-crafted design of fashionable lampes and the addition of fragrance began as word spread of the lampe's effectiveness.  French celebrities and artists became intrigued by the beauty of the lampes, leading to versions made in crystal, hand-painted porcelain, pewter and other lovely materials. Coco Chanel, Lalique and Baccarat were among those who made these fashionable in French society and a tradition of introducing new fragrances and designs began. Over the years, production of both lampe designs and fragrances has been limited.  Designs are periodically introduced and then retired, and to this day special Signature editions continue to be commissioned from artists and scent specialists by the Lampe Berger company.  Many lampes are now collector's pieces.  Scents of Delight wll periodically post additional Lampe Berger items  in our online store, including a special selection of hard-to-find retired lampes and fragrances.


Over the years, there have been many attempts to imitate Lampe Berger's designs, effectiveness, and quality.  None of these compare to the authentic version.  Scents of Delight carries only original Lampe Berger products.

Every Lampe Berger sold by Scents of Delight comes packaged in a gift box with wick, funnel, & full directions.  Lampes over $70 also come with a velour storage bag and a small Fragrance Oil chosen by Lampe Berger.  Special orders are always welcome. Feel free to contact us at any time by sending your email to!